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STOP Obama's Korea NAFTA


“Free Trade” isn’t free when it costs U.S. jobs & sovereignty

President Obama is playing political hardball with U.S. sovereignty.

Obama is counting heavily on Republicans to cross party lines to deliver him a major political victory by passing his NAFTA with Korea - because most of his own party opposes it.

Opposition is gaining among conservative Republican free traders who now realize that  KORUS is not a true free-trade agreement.

Why Even FREE TRADERS Oppose
 Obama’s Trade Deal

1 Undermines U.S. sovereignty
in favor of UN & World Bank tribunals & international law.

2. Violates U.S. Constitution
by circumventing Congressional authority regarding appropriation of U.S. tax dollars.

3. State legislators oppose because it undermines State’s sovereignty.

4. Negotiated with expedited Executive authority
& Congress is banned from amending or fully debating it.

5. Kills almost 160,000 U.S. jobs & encourages offshoring by multi-national corporations.

6. Favors powerful multi-national corporations
over U.S. small business even when bidding for government contracts.

7. Not real “free trade” - benefits Korea much more than U.S. & increases U.S. trade deficit by $16.7 billion.

8.  Allows unsafe food into U.S. without inspection.

9.  Sends U.S. dollars into NORTH Korea & strengthens Chinese leverage against us.

10.  Immigration - throws open U.S. doors to Korea.


Ron Paul:  “A Sneaky Form of International Preemption of U.S. Sovereignty”

“This pact is a sneaky form of international preemption, undermining the critical checks and balances and freedoms established by the U.S. Constitution’s reservation of many rights to the people or state or government…[it] sets up foreign tribunals to which the United States must submit for judgment.  We urge you to oppose President Obama’s Korea Agreement.

--Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) & Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC)
letter to colleagues.

Son of NAFTA: Wall Street vs. Middle America Has Nothing to do with FREE trade:

“Enter here Wall Street moguls, multi-national corporate elites, and some very naïve politicians who embrace anything labeled as “free trade”—even if the legislation defies truth in labeling logic.

“The Korea Free Trade Agreement has nothing to do with free or fair trade. It’s managed trade as defined in over a thousand pages filled with favors and exceptions for some special interests, while imposing obligations and restrictions on the beleaguered American manufacturing sector.

“Middle America had “Obamacare” forced upon them via “fast track” provisions that limit debate in Congress. Insiders, including most of the Republican establishment, are working with the White House to do the same with this Son of NAFTA deal. This time however, the outcome could be very different.
--Columnist Peter Gemma, Middle American News

Worse Than NAFTA or China Deals:

President Obama’s pursuit of free trade with South Korea evidently assumes that, if at first you don’t succeed, try the same failed approach again and again. In fact, this latest attempt to promote American growth and employment by opening long-closed foreign markets to U.S. goods and services is even less excusable than pacts like NAFTA or the numerous trade expansion deals with China.
--Alan Tonelson, U.S Business & Industry Council, representing nearly 2,000 small-and-medium-sized companies in the U.S.

It’s NOT Free Trade & Only a Moron Would Sign It: 

“Have you seen what’s happened recently with the trade pact with South Korea?” said Trump. “They ask us to sign something that only a moron would sign….  I listen to these people saying, ‘Oh, that’s going to hurt free trade.’ What’s ‘free trade’ when a country has imbalances of hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars…?”
--Donald Trump on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”

Union Bosses Support It Even Though Will Cost Jobs of Their Membership

“The newest thing on the radar is the US-Korean Trade Agreement. Now, the members of the unions are against it, the leadership is for it…it’s gonna cost America 160,000 jobs if we implement this agreement with Korea.”
--Clint Didier (R-WA),Palin-endorsed Senate candidate on FoxNews.

A Trap to Entangle Us in Korea

“The bottom line is that the Korea Free Trade Act is a trap. Instead of promoting fair, free trade, it legitimizes special advantages for politically connected corporations and undermines our national sovereignty. …is not so much concerned with free trade as it is in further entangling us in Korea's affairs.”
--Michael C. Tuggle on the IntellectualConservative.com

Offshoring Agreements Masquerading as ‘Free’ Trade:
“The Korea Free Trade Agreement is a terrible idea. America’s past trade agreements, from NAFTA on down, have produced larger deficits for the U. S. not smaller ones.  These agreements are really offshoring agreements designed to make it easier for American corporations to produce abroad for the American market.”
--Ian Fletcher, U.S. Business & Industry Council

President Obama’s NAFTA-Style Trade Deal with Korea is Bad for America

President Obama says that his NAFTA-style trade pact with Korea is about increasing exports for U.S. firms.

But if that were the real purpose, the pact would require ONLY one sentence:
“Tariffs on trade between the U.S. and Korean shall be immediately eliminated.”

Instead, the agreement, written by unelected trade bureaucrats, spans 1,000 pages of rules and regulations to which every state and the federal government are required to conform our laws and policies.

History of the U.S. –Korea Foreign Trade Agreement (“KORUS”)

President Obama is waging an all-out push for passage of a foreign trade agreement (FTA) with South Korea. He is expected to submit to Congress for approval in January or February 2011.

The original language of KORUS was negotiated during the Bush administration, and signed in 2007 by the White House representative and Korea. Most of the text is literally identical to NAFTA.

Given a majority of American across party lines oppose more NAFTA-style deal, the agreement was so politically hot that President Bush never even bothered sending it to Congress for approval.

In December 2010, President Obama negotiated some limited changes to the KORUS automobile trade terms that he hopes is enough to silence some of the long-standing opposition so he can rush through “fast-track” passage of the deal.


President Obama’s U.S.—Korean Trade Agreement (KORUS) is a bad deal for the U.S. & Congress must stop it.

It is a deeply flawed 1000-page patchwork of micro-management written by trade bureaucrats masquerading as “free trade.” Conservative estimates say this job-killer cost us at least 159,000 American jobs & add $16.7 billion to our trade deficit.

But even more alarming is the loss of U.S. sovereignty & autonomy to the foreign tribunals of the U.N. & the World Bank & the special privileges granted to foreign corporations. Hundreds of foreign-owned establishments across the United States would obtain new rights to demand taxpayer compensation. Even companies from China or North Korea could use a U.S. or Korean subsidiary to challenge U.S. laws.

We will not stand by & allow this deal to sacrifice
the Constitution to a web of international
agreements and organizations.



Korean Trade Deal will Send Cash to
Kim's North Korean Dictatorship,
Fund Nuke Program &
Thwart US Sanctions

North Korea is only five years away from building a nuclear missile capable of attacking America.
Security experts say that the only thing that stands in their way is cash. On a bipartisan basis, Congress has urged a tightening of existing U.S. economic sanctions against North Korea.
Despite that, the Obama administration is now pushing a trade agreement with South Korea that perversely could provide a flood of new money for the North Korean dictatorship to bolster their weapons program, as well as maintain their stranglehold over the North Korean people.
The official U.S. government study of the Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) found that it would increase Korean imports here by $6 billion annually and increase the overall U.S. trade deficit.
If the FTA is implemented as written, that increased trade will include goods assembled in South Korea – but comprised of large amounts of North Korean inputs sourced in the Kaesong Industrial Complex.
 This is a sweatshop zone located 40 miles north of Seoul where 120 South Korean firms employ 44,000 North Koreans, whose wages are paid directly to the North Korean government, which keeps half.
Hyundai predicts that the North Korean regime will receive $9.55 billion in economic gains from Kaesong
over the course of nine years if expansion proceeds. This is equivalent to 36 percent of North Korea’s
estimated national income.

Last week on FOX Business News, family farmer and Superbowl champ Clint Didier discussed how the NAFTA-style Korea deal serves as an example union leadership putting their interests ahead of the union membership. Didier is a former Palin-endorsed Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Washington state. Transcript below:

    FOX: So what you’re telling me is essentially what people say happen in a lot of unions, where the union leaders do great and they make deals that benefit them, but that in the long run don’t benefit the membership.

    DIDIER: Exactly, and the whole purpose of the leadership of a union is to get absolute power.

    Two instances in our state here: Boeing. They pushed the issue to the point where now three big portions of Boeing have left the state of Washington, and they left some of employees hanging. Either they had to move to another state or they lost their job. There’s a lot of employees for Boeing – former employees are upset.

The newest thing on the radar is the US-Korean Trade Agreement. Now, the members of the unions are against it, the leadership is for it.

It’s just coming out, and it’s gonna cost America 160,000 jobs if we implement this agreement with Korea.

    FOX: Well, Clint, I want to get back to the NFL…

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